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Official Statement of Majelis Mujahidin : Stop Genocide Crime by Myanmar Regime to Rohingya Muslims

The expulsion and abattoir to Muslim people of Myanmar by the military junta of Myanmar that has been happened since 1978, is a crime against humanity that can not be tolerated with any reason. 

An arrogant statement by President of Myanmar Thein Sein, that genocide to Muslim people of Rohingya is a solution to ethnical and religious conflict in Myanmar has proved to the worldwide that what had been done by the barbarian regime of Myanmar has insulted the humanity values and hurt the whole Muslim people in the world. The proof is, because the regime asked the Head of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, to resettle Rohingya people who are still living in Myanmar to refugee camps under UNHCR, or deported by considering because they are not one of Myanmar ethnics.

It is contemptible, when government of Myanmar refuses to say that a humanity tragedy of Muslim people of Rohingya in northern Rakhine has religious background. “What’s happened in Rakhine has of religious repression or discrimination,” President U Thein Sein said, on Monday (7/30).

So, if it is not because of religious background, then barbarian regime of Myanmar feels has a right to abattoir Muslim people of Rohingya based on ethnical reason?

Considering onfacts above, Board of Mojaahedeen expresses some statements as below:

  1. To condemn genocide to Muslim people of Rohingya by government of Myanmar, and demand the Embassy of Myanmar in Jakarta gives this our statement to government of Myanmar.
  2. If President of Myanmar Thein Sien has not done any initiative to stop the expulsion and genocide to Muslim people of Rohingya, then Board of Mojaahedeen urges the government of Indonesia to cut diplomatic relationship and to send the Ambasador of Myanmar away from Jakarta.
  3. The western respond to the situation gives impression to keep left conflict and brutality by government of Myanmar, meanwhile they keep scramble Islamic world in region of middle eastern shows a political discrimination by western countries and Muslim people in the world.
  4. To persuade all components of the nation of Indonesia to respect humanity, especially to Buddhist people of in Indonesia, so that all bhiksu (monks and nuns) may participate to urge the regime of Myanmar to stop an ethnical cleansing to Muslim people of Rohingya.
  5. If any diplomatic solution can not stop the barbarism of Myanmar government to Muslim people of Rohingya, then the Board of Mojaahedeen urges all Muslim people and Mojaaheds (Islamic warriors) to act jehaad, the Islamic holy war, to stop the repression by Myanmar regime to Muslim people of Rohingya.

This statement of Board of Mojaahedeen is delivered as an effort together with other components of the nation to stop the barbarism that has been done to Muslim people of Rohingya in Myanmar.

Indonesia, Ramadhan 13th,  433 Hijri / August, 1st  2012

Lajnah Tanfidziyah of Board of Mojaahedeen

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